Sports and Nature

LanguageStays helps you live an amazing experience while learning languages, travelling and enjoying the culture abroad.

We at LanguageStays are big fans of sports and nature. That's why our team of experts can advise you how to gain access to the best sports events or how to explore the natural wonders in your chosen destination.

If you fancy, you will have the opportunity to learn a new sport or practise your favourite one. For example, baseball in the United States, football/soccer in England, Rugby in Ireland, diving in Malta, golf in France or surf in our seaside destinations. The opportunities never end: you decide!

Do not forget to explore the natural wonders surrounding your LanguageStays destination: breathtaking mountains, majestic waterfalls, lovely lakes, etc. You can do horse-riding, cycling or water activities like sailing, rowing and windsurfing, among many other options.

Tell us what you want and we'll help you find the best destination. LanguageStays provides you with the perfect experience!

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