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In Germany you can choose between the creativity of Berlin, the wonderful life in Munich, the universities of Heidelberg and the Carnival in Cologne.
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The capital of Germany is a very interesting city thanks to its offer of both historical-cultural and leisure activities. The internationality of the people is shown in parades and street festivals such as the Carnival of Cultures or the Loveparade. You will learn German history or enjoy contemporary art in Berlin’s museums and exhibitions and its nightlife is famous worldwide. Berlin’s surroundings also offer educational and recreational activities such as canoeing on the lake in Mecklenburg or visits to the castles of Potsdam.
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Located by the Alps, Munich is not only famous for the Oktoberfest. Along with modern buildings, many Gothic and Baroque churches also contribute to its unique charm. Munich has something for everyone: sports, exhibitions, theatres, cinemas, fashion events, concerts and much more. You can chill out at the bier garten, swim in its many lakes or go to the Neuschwanstein Castle. During winter Muncheners drink Glühwein in the Christkindl Market or go skiing in the nearby Alps.
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Located in the Neckar River valley, the beautiful old city of Heidelberg can be seen on foot. Heidelberg’s main attraction is the famous castle and its lively pedestrian main street is ideal for shopping. Visitors are attracted to Heidelberg by its perfect sights, superb night lighting, and by a large number of festivals and cultural activities. The city is marked by its university, which has always guaranteed a certain spirit of freedom and has been home to a large number of Nobel Prize Laureates.
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Cologne (Koln)
Famous for its carnival, Cologne is a picturesque town with many squares, theatres, restaurants, shops and bars and an active nightlife. The two towers of the cathedral of Cologne make one of Germany’s most famous architectural images. Cologne’s Ring is a perfect starting point for both sightseeing and shopping. Cologne has come from being an industrial city to a modern service hub and it is considered German media’s main centre.
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