Here you have some testimonials from our students.

Juan Harana, from Spain to London with LanguageStays

My English has improved in these few weeks, I feel that I have taken advantage of this experience and the truth is I would like to spend more time in London. The residence was great.

Lorena Calvo, of Spain to New York with LanguageStays

Hello, first of all thank you very much for your work. We are well and the course is going fine. The first day we talk to your agent in New York and he said that we could call him with any issues, but luckily everything went smoothly so we did not need to!

Julian Sancha, from Spain to Dublin LanguageStays

We had really a good time. It was a great experience and certainly unforgettable.

John Castel, from Spain to Malta with LanguageStays

Hello, thank you very much for having managed my trip, everything went perfect.

Jorge Rodriguez, from Spain to Brighton with LanguageStays

Thanks to LanguageStays had a period of study in England cheaply and easily.

Alexandra Garcia of Spain to London with LanguageStays

Hello! The school is pretty good, I have learnt a lot and the teachers are great. The residence was very nice because the kitchen and my room were large and the location is so good, but perhaps the shower was a bit small.

Rocio Cruz, from Spain to New York with LanguageStays

I have no fault with the organization of the trip, I liked the speed with which you solve any issues and all the help you gave me... and the course was also very good...

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