Language courses for Adults (25+ years)

LanguageStays Adult Courses are full programs to learn foreign languages ​​(English, French, German, Spanish) abroad designed specifically for students aged over 25 year old.

These LanguageStays Adults Courses last 2 to 52 weeks (you choose!), and are available in most LanguageStays destinations in England, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, USA, Spain and Mexico (depending on the chosen language).

LanguageStays will provide you with the course best suited to your taste and needs. Language courses can have generic or specific purposes (e.g., exam preparation, business English, etc.). You can also choose how many hours a week you want to study. The courses usually start every Monday.

In some destinations LanguageStays offers language courses combined with training in some other topic of your interest (business, photography, art, sports, etc.).

LanguageStays Adult Courses are taught in prestigious schools, using methods that combine the best teaching tools, techniques and group dynamics to learn the language quickly and in a natural fashion. With the help of our teachers (all of whom are native) you will improve your pronunciation and your written and verbal communication.

We are sure you will meet very interesting people during your LanguageStays Adult Course. LanguageStays helps you live an amazing experience while learning languages, travelling and enjoying the culture abroad.

During our LanguageStays Adult Courses you can stay with native host families (living as another family member), at an apartment or at a student residence (with other international students of your age). You decide!

Besides, as with all LanguageStays Courses, we can also arrange your air and ground transportation, travel insurance, entry to events and sights, and extra activities at exclusive prices.

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