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In Scotland you can choose between the beauty of Edinburgh and the joy of the people of Glasgow.
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A proud city rich in history and emotions, with an appeal that will make you fall in love forever. Edinburgh, capital of Scotland, is also a lively college town and offers a wide offer of culture and fun for students. Its International Summer Festival presents a myriad of concerts, cultural events and events attracting students, visitors and artists from all around the world.
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“Glas ghu” means "dear green place" in Celtic and Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, lives up to its name with over seventy parks and gardens. Glasgow is famous for its striking architecture, heritage and culture, and has received awards like Cultural Capital of Europe in 1990 and UK City of Architecture and Design in 1999. Glasgow offers you a splendid experience and a plentiful supply of lively entertainment: universities, cathedral and churches, museums, art galleries, concert halls, exhibitions, theatres, shops, parks, gardens, pubs, restaurants and wine bars. You will be amazed by Glasgow!
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